Band Saw Blades Storage – A Quick Tip

With numerous sizes of blades, band saws are among the most versatile of all woodworking machinery. That being said, storing band saw blades when they’re not in use can be a cumbersome task.

There is a simple solution to this trying problem. As shown in the image on this page, it is possible to fold your band saw blades into essentially three loops. It is a very easy process but can be a bit tricky to learn.

Before you begin, it would be wise to put on a pair of leather gloves as well as a long-sleeved shirt. It is very likely that the blade will spring out of the loops you’re trying to make the first few times you try this, and the last thing you will want is a cut from a sharp band saw blade. I would also strongly recommend wearing protective safety glasses while you’re folding your band saw blades.

The steps to folding your band saw blades are as follows:

1. Clear your work table and place your band saw blade on the table with the cutting side up.

2. Lift up the front edge of the blade, reach underneath and grab the opposite side. Pull the far side underneath the near side until you form three loops that look somewhat like an even, three-leafed clover. (One leaf will be near your body while two will be away from you.)

3. This is where it gets a bit tricky. While holding the clover in place with one hand, reach and grab the far side of one of the two far loops. Then steady the clover with that hand while you move the other hand to the other far side of the opposite loop.

4. Lift and twist the two loops up and over toward your body. Use the pressure of twisting to hold the close loop to the table. As you move the far loops toward your body, allow them to intertwine, creating three equally sized loops coming together into one circular shape.

5. Adjust the shape of the three loops so that they fit together into one tight circle (as shown in the picture above). Use some twist ties (that come with trash bags), string or cable ties to hold the shape of the looped blade while it is stored.