Best Hybrid Table Saws Review for the Money

Best Hybrid Table Saws Review for the Money

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A Hybrid Table Saw is a combination of both the Cabinet and Contractor Table Saws. It is much more compact as compare to the Contractor Saw and it also not occupies much room in your tool shed. The Hybrid Table Saws have a cast iron main saw table, solid and heavy base, heavier trunnions and gears, and legs that keep them at the same working height as a Cabinet Saw. These saws tend to be heavier than Contractor and Cabinet Table Saws, so have the lower vibration as compared to Cabinet Saws along with improved dust control system.

Some Hybrid Table Saws have table-mounted trunnions and some have cabinet-mounted trunnions. Best Hybrid Table Saws offer a sliding table and this improve cross cutting capability. Hybrid Table Saws drive mechanisms also vary from Contractor and Cabinet Table Saws, it can be a single v-belt, multiple v-belts or serpentine belt. Hybrid Table Saws are best for homeowners and woodworker who seeks more power and versatility as compared to Contractor and Benchtop Table Saws.

Comparison table of Hybrid Table Saws:

This is a comparison table about 4 Best Hybrid Table Saws in 2014 according to customer reviews:

Advantages of using Hybrid Table Saws:

  • They combine the best features of Cabinet and Contractor Table Saws.
  • They are best suited for general consumer as they are less expensive than Cabinet Saws.
  • They have improved dust control system.
  • Due to their smaller size they can be moved around easily.

Reviews of the 4 Best Hybrid Table Saws:

Laguna 10″ Fusion 1-3/4HP 36″ Fence:


LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36in. Rip 110 V

Talk about a light-duty table saw of premium quality and you get this product for a suggestion as you would likely hear from expert woodworkers. The manual provides clear instructions. The assembly is easy and straightforward. The product understands the value of money as first time plugging in of this tool requires no help from the technician at all. The motor sound is a bit louder, but so as the rest of the power tools. Motor is flexible and can be rewired from 110 to 220 and vice versa. The wood cuts this table saw produces are precise to the point of perfection.

ThisLaguna 10″ Fusion saw is highly recommended for both novice and expert woodcutters alike.  The 1 and ¾ Horse Power specification is exact as it is, unlike any other power tool which announces one specification but produces another. Parts assembly are all detailed in the manual but in case you lose the paperwork, Laguna has a video in its website to assist woodworkers in putting together these parts, especially the angle-stops where the majority of the woodworkers has a hard time with arrangement. In totality, this table saw is worth its price and you will definitely get what you were promised of upon purchase.

Jet 708494K JPS-10TS, 10-inch Proshop Table Saw:


Jet Proshop table saw with Wings and Riving Knife 708494K JPS-10TS

It is a 10-inch Hybrid Table Saw along with riving knife and 30-inch Fence. Its riving knife can be quickly release to reduce the chance of kickback as it maintains close blade proximity. Jet 708494K comes with cast iron or stamped steel wings. It low profile riving knife provides accurate non-through cuts. This exclusive ProShop Hybrid Table Saw is available in both 30-inch and 52-inch fence capacity. For rapid blade change this saw has an integrated arbor lock which iseasily accessible from table’s top. Its arbor speed is equal to 4000 RPM and its max depth of cut at 45 degrees is equal to 2.13-inch. Jet 708494K have heavy duty iron table along with T-style miter gauge slot. Its overall dimensions are 39-inch height, 35-inch width and 82-inch depth. For improved dust collection it has a 4-inch extraction port and a sloped cabinet floor. Its weight is only 299 pounds and it comes with 5 years limited warranty.

The flaw of this saw is that its improved dust collection system collects all of the dust inside the saw so you may need to cut a second hole underneath to drop the collected dust into a sloped undershoot. One thing more, alignment of the saw to the miter slots require to flip the thing over as well as to deal with some difficult bolts.

Grizzly G0715P Polar Bear Series Hybrid Table Saw:


Grizzly G0715P Polar Bear Series Hybrid Table Saw

It is a 10-inch Hybrid Table Saw of Polar Bear Series with riving knife.  The riving knife of this best Hybrid Table Saw is interchangeable which offers protection for such operations that require woodworker to remove the blade guard.

This saw offer easy-glide Camlock T-shaped fence system for superb accuracy. It has arbor of 5/8-inch and its arbor speed is 3850 RPM. The rip capacity of Grizzly G0715P is 30-inch right and 12-inch left. The rip capacity at 90° is equal to 3-1/8 inch and at 45° equal to 2-3/16 inch. The table height of this saw from ground is 34-inch. It can easily transport and also have improved dust control system. Its overall product dimensions equal to 26 x 30 x 43 inch and its weight is 450 pound.

The blemishes of this saw are that it is a little under powered and its top rusts easily so you need to keep it oiled.

Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw with Extension Table:


Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw with Extension Table

With this best Hybrid Table Saw you can get the best of both Contractor and Cabinet Table Saws. You can easily moves Shop Fox W1824 like a contractor saw and it also have improved dust control system as well as have full features of a best Cabinet Saw. This saw comes with low fraction extension table. Like many other hybrid saws it also has an easy-change blade guard along with anti-kickback pawls and woodworker can be positioned anti-kickback pawls away from the workpiece. The interchangeable true riving knife of this saw offers protection for non-through cutting operations that require woodworker to remove the blade. It has the features of pulley system and serpentine belt. The other best features of this best table saw are precision-ground cast iron table, T-slot miter gauge, cast iron trunnions and camlock T-shaped fence along with HDPE face. It weighs only 380 pounds.

Main drawback of Shop Fox W1824 is that during assembly process its blade alignment is difficult so it will be very better that the blade alignment should be done at the factory.


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Pulling it all together, I will say that Hybrid Table Saws offer the features of both Contractor and Cabinet Table Saws. As they are less expensive than Cabinet Table Saws, so they are the best choice for homeowners who want to use a table saw as a home woodworking tool and even for professional woodworkers, who can’t afford high price table saws. Above Hybrid Table Saws reviews and other table saws reviews on my site will help you greatly in order to make a rational buying decision. I suggest you should also read Best Benchtop Table Saws ReviewBest Contractor Table Saws Review and Best Cabinet Table Saws Review before making a buying decision.


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