McCulloch chainsaws were first built in 1948 when Robert McCulloch founded his company. This original 5-49 chainsaw was used to cut the ice on frozen lakes into large cubes, as well as the more common use of cutting trees. It was a two-man saw, but in 1949, the McCulloch 3-25 revolutionized the market by making a one-man, relatively lightweight chainsaw available to everybody.

McCulloch continued to innovate in the chainsaw market, with saws like the Power Mac 6, introduced in 1968, which was the world’s lightest chainsaw at the time. In 1971, the Mini Mac 1 was brought to market, giving the casual user a lower cost option.

McCulloch’s first electric chainsaw was introduced in 1972, and they have continued to innovate with new gas and electric powered models ever since.

McCulloch Electric ChainSaws

McCulloch’s current series of electric chainsaws includes a number of models. They are more commonly known by the brand name Poulan and Poulan Pro, although there are some models, such as the MCC1514 and MCC3516F that still use the McCulloch moniker.

The basic model in the current lineup is the PLN1514, which has a 1.5HP output and 14″ bar. It is only 7.5 lbs, so it’s ideal for light-duty use around the home.

The models increase in both power and bar length from there, such as the 1630 at 3HP and a 16″ bar and the PLN3516F with 3.5HP and a 16″ bar.

The Pro series offers a little more power with the 400E electric chainsaw offering 4HP and an 18″ bar. To get more power than that, however, you’ll need to look at the gas models.

McCulloch Gas ChainSaws

McCulloch’s gas chainsaws again include some with the Poulan brand, such as the P3314 with a 33cc engine and 14″ bar, and the P4018WT “Wild Thing” with a 40cc engine and 18″ bar.

The Pro series offer both more powerful engines and longer bars, with both the PP4620AV and the PP4620AVX offering 46cc engines and a 20″ bar length.

McCulloch’s chainsaws are covered by either a one-year or two-year warranty, depending on the model in question. As with almost any tool, certain things are not included in this warranty, primarily parts that wear out like the saw chain and starter ropes.

McCulloch has service centers all around the country, so if you have a local chainsaw shop that services saws, chances are they can handle any problems you have with your saw.