Echo CS-310 Chainsaw Review

This Echo CS-310 review will talk about the model’s strengths and weaknesses, what makes this model appealing and it will also focus on whether the model is right for you, based on intended use. This Echo chainsaw comes with a 14” blade and lightweight case. When initially using the chainsaw you may need to take a few minutes adjusting the chain as it can loosen when first used out of the box. This Echo uses the 50:1 gas mix as opposed to the typical 40:1 mix used for most gas powered chainsaws and does not include chain oil, so you’ll need to pick some up, prior to use. There have been complaints about this particular model that using it for longer than two to three hours in a day can cause the model to run hot (gasoline chainsaws can do that) and the motor to seize, leaving the user to spend more time restarting and trying to troubleshoot issues than actually using the Echo. Intended for use around the home this gas powered chainsaw should not be relied upon for constant everyday use.

The specs of ‘Echo Chainsaw CS-310 with 14 Bar’ are:

  • Manufacturer: Echo
  • Product Dimensions: 31.5×11.5×10.8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 14.2 pounds

Here are some REAL Customer Reviews for the Echo CS-310

“Echo CS-310’s a small powerhouse”

As a homeowner, I’ve had a number of 16-inch chainsaws over the years. Most of them were heavy, noisy, underpowered, and vibrated too much. The worst part about them was the amount of effort needed to start them up if they started up at all…

“Nice, small saw”

I am a first-time Chainsaw owner, so I’ll try best I can to review it. This is a small saw, 14 inches. I live in Florida, and let my property get a little overgrown. I’m using it to clean out some small trees, cut back some stumps, and prune some of my…

“why is Homelite still in business?”

“Ryobi”..HongKong Junk….I returned the Homelite because after 3hrs…

Final Thoughts on this Chainsaw Brought to you by Echo: Know when to Stick with the Classics

As you’ve read the user’s reviews, the Echo CS-310 has received both negative and positive reviews. Those using this chainsaw for personal use feel the model is able to deliver as much torque as a larger chainsaw, yet it features a quiet sound and overall smooth use. This easy starting chainsaw is lightweight and can perform for you easily around the yard allowing for easy home maintenance.

Now the professionals that have used the Echo have had several complaints against the model’s sluggish power and unreliability, claiming this model is slow to start and can take you twice the amount of time to saw, then you would normally experience when using larger more powerful models.

Costing 220$ to 250$ this model may not be worth the price tag, even with the included warranty. If you’re a pro, stick to the brands you’ve come to rely on and don’t take your chances with the Echo, odds are you’ll be out a couple hundred dollars and in the market for a new chainsaw six months later.

8.5 Total Score

The Echo CS-310 is a good overall investment for homeowners and other entry-level woodcutters, providing good price-quality ratio.


  • Good performance
  • Easy to use and maintaince
  • Good price-quality ratio


  • The recoil handle breaking off or the chain loosening when using it.
  • Be harder to get it started on a cold weather.
  • Leaks oil when you let it idle for a longer period of time.

User Rating: 3.33 (3 votes)