How to Use a Metal Band Saw Correctly?

A metal band saw is a specialized saw primarily used for cutting through metal, although people do use them for cutting through other materials. The metal band saw has a thin blade so cutting through certain materials can damage the blades. Many people try to cut wood with a metal cutting band saw blade and find that the blade cracks easily. The thin blade is truly designed for cutting metal. There are two types of band saws. The vertical band saw is fixed in place and the material being cut is fed through the blade. The other type is the horizontal band saw. The saw can be held in the users hand and the blade is pushed through the material being cut.

Klutch Horizontal

Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw

The Metal Band saw – An Excellent Cutting Tool

One of the main power tools that metalworkers use is a metal band saw. In fact, it’s hard to fathom doing most metal cutting tasks without this machine. The cutting tool has a band that is affixed to two or three rotating wheels. Because the teeth on the blade of this type of band saw are small and evenly distributed, the band saw can provide consistent cutting action. What makes either a horizontal or vertical metal band saw ideally suited to cutting is the fact that the saw is able to grind through metal at a swift rate of speed.

Safety Considerations

However, the superior cutting action of the saw and the speed at which it operates can also pose some safety concerns when you’re operating it.

Dress with Safety in Mind if You’re Going to Use a Band saw

Needless to say, when working with a band saw or any wood or metal cutting band saw blades, you must practice certain precautions. For example, when working with a  horizontal or vertical metal band saw, make sure that the clothes you’re wearing, such as your shirt, does not have loose sleeves that could become tangled up in the machinery. Also, ties or bandannas can be a hazard as well. In addition, jewelry should not be worn while you’re operating any type of power saw. Therefore, never wear any loose chains or bracelets when you’re doing any wood or metal cutting.

Wear the Proper Safety Glasses

Safety goggles are also a necessity. In fact, this is an item you should always wear when you’re working with a band saw or similar piece of power equipment. A band saw’s blade is capable of moving at an exceptionally high rate of speed; therefore, it’s imperative you wear the proper safety glasses to keep any scraps of metal or splinters of wood out of your eyes. When doing any type of metal work or wood cutting, you’re apt to distribute a fairly good amount of sharp debris, even if the job takes only a short amount of time. As a result, an easy woodworking or metal cutting task can turn into a major mishap if you don’t wear any type of eye protection. Therefore, whether your woodworking or metal cutting project lasts five minutes or takes up a good part of the day, make sure you are wearing goggles.

Check for Defects

Of course, before working with your band saw, you should check for any kinds of defects. Examine the wheels, guides and blocks of the equipment before you begin to work. If you see that they need adjustment or repair, then you’ll have to maintenance the machine or replace the part before a project can proceed.

Don’t Drink and Operate any Type of Power Machinery

Also, you shouldn’t operate your band saw machine if you’ve been drinking. The blades are too sharp and the velocity created by the saw is too great to take chances in this regard.

Stay Safe

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission almost 4,000 people were injured in band saw injuries in 2016. Therefore, it’s imperative to make safety a priority when using a band saw or any kind of power machinery. Don’t become one of the statistics.