Husqvarna Chain Saw Parts

With the increase of Husqvarna Chainsaw sales there is also an increase in Husqvarna chain saw parts. The need for parts is usually immediate and it’s always smart to carry spare parts with you. The Husqvarna chain saw parts that carry all the time are: replacement chain saw chains, T-Bar wrench, oil, spare bar nut, spark plugs, chain saw bars and believe it or not, Husqvarna chain saw manuals. For the life of me I have no idea why people simply throw their manuals away but they do.

Other items that needs replacement from time to time are: air filters, chain saw rope (starter rope), chain saw fuel line, and chain saw sprockets. Some Husqvarna chain saw parts can be shared. The parts that are commonly shared are: starter ropes, fuel line of same diameter, some sparkplugs, all bar oil, gas/oil mixture and chain saw chains. If you do not have your Husqvarna chainsaw parts diagram and manual you can visit Husqvarna website and get some technical documents.

Obviously one of the best places to get Husqvarna chainsaw parts is from the place you purchased it from. However, if you shop online you will find that you might be able to get a better price which includes shipping. I’ll tell you up front that amazon is offering free shipping on orders above $25. Keep in mind they will probably pull this offer off the table in the near future, so make sure and check out who they associate with and you can find some great deals.

Oil for your chain is ridiculously high these days, so if you can find it for under $5 good luck. The big question is: do you really need to use Husqvarna chain oil or can you use something else? We use whatever is cheapest but remember many manufacturers are now making oil for different parts of the year. Up in the northwest we can get a specially formulated oil that is thinner than the normal oil. Obviously we use that oil in the winter to help the oil flow to our chains easier.

Thanks to the engineers at Husqvarna they have made a chain saw that is easily accessible. Nowdays, many manufacturers are trying to pack more power and less weight into their saws at the expense of accessability. Stihl is a chainsaw that I have used for many years but the new ones are a big pain in the butt, that is why we made the switch.

As for replacing your Husqvarna chainsaw bar, do not worry if you don’t use one that has their name on it, Oregon chainsaw bars work just fine. Just remember to take it easy on your chainsaw bar so you don’t have to replace it.

Where You Can Find Husqvarna Chainsaw Parts

When it comes to replacing chains you don’t need to have a specific Husqvarna chainsaw chain. At our local shop, they buy in bulk and make the chains for many different manufacturers. You can purchase an Oregon S56 16-Inch Semi Chisel Chain Saw Chain online at amazon as well. Oregon chains are very popular and work well, we use them all the time.

Heck, I believe you can even purchase these Husqvarna chain saw parts from Home Depot. Not exactly sure if Home Depot parts department will carry Husqvarna or not but it’s worth a try I thought I saw them in there the last time I had to purchase a chain. Just make sure you know if you have 16 inch bar lengths or 18 inch bar lengths.

Sharpening chains is big business and the price local shops are charging to sharpen chains is nuts. I went out and purchased a cheap electric chain sharpener and it works well. When we are cutting wood it’s normal for us to plow through 6 or 7 chains a day. We do rotate chains to meet the requirements of the wood we are cutting and never rely on one chain to do an entire days work.

Check your operators manual for specific spark plug numbers and make sure and carry several with you at all times. It’s frustrating to deal with a chain saw when your plugs are fouling up.

Best of luck with replacing your Husqvarna Chain Saw Parts.