Most Commonly Used Tile Cutting Tools

Tile installation is a unique specialized task that requires also specific equipment to have tiles installed. Tiles need to be cut precisely and with perfect edges so they can be matched perfectly.  The following list presents the most commonly used tools used when working with tiles.

Tile Saws

Tile saws can be used to cut marble, pavers, ceramic and granite. There are dry or wet saws available depending on the type of work you are performing. In addition to that, they can be either handheld or larger styles with stands.

Tile Cutters

It’s the cheapest way you can cut tile

Ideal to use on smaller jobs. A tile cutter is a lightweight portable tool that will allow you to split a tile perfectly. It can cut almost any type of tile even the hardest tiles available.

To cut the tile pit the tile in the bed against the frame and press firmly the handle and roll it over the tile to score the glaze. once you have done this, press down the handle so it breaks the textile into two pieces.  One of the most important advantages is that it doesn’t use water nor power.

Tile Nippers

Ideal to cut irregular tile pieces, tile cutters are very simple tools that you can always carry. You can use them to cut circles, straight or angled cuts. The tool works by taking small bites of the tile to avoid damaging the tile or cutting large sections of the tile. Once you have used your tile nippers to cut textiles, you will need to use sandpaper to smooth the ceramic tile edge.

Tile Strippers

There are many different types of tile strippers for you to use depending on the type of job you are required to do. Some tile strippers will only remove adhesive and chemical products dorm tiles while others will eventually remove all the existing tile floor leaving the subfloor almost ready for a new installation.

Tile Diamond Blades

Tile diamond blades are available either for dry or wet cutting. There are many types of diamond blades for different materials such as granite, marble, ceramic tile and engineered stone. Blades are also available on different sizes and continuous blades for better finishing.

Tile Grouting Tools

The market has so many kits available that almost there is a tool for everything. From cleaning tools to grout removal tools, these kits will facilitate your job and will help you with all the mess that tile installation creates. Commercial grouting machines are available to speed up the grouting process. The majority of this equipment can be used with sanded, un-sanded and epoxy grout applications. You can also find grout floats, margin floats and grouting paddles Remember the job isn’t finished until the area has been cleaned and all grout has been applied. Look for the best grouting tool that fits your needs.

Tile Leveling and Spacers

Tile leveling systems will allow you to complete a nice dent-free installation during the hardening of the adhesive. Tile leveling systems are great to use on uneven floors and large areas on which tile is being installed. Plastic tile spacers are also a good addition to your tool that you can use to create consistent grout lines. Remember sometimes is about that finished floor that will attract new businesses