The Stihl Chainsaw – Dedication, Quality, Innovation

The original Stihl chainsaw weighed in at a hefty one hundred and forty pounds. That’s a lot of weight to be carried around from tree to tree! Of course, it was also electrically powered and maybe not quite as mobile as today’s standards. However, who would have known when Andreas Stihl invented the first chainsaw in 1926 that it would revolutionize the logging industry and eventually the construction and landscaping industries as well?

Could a young inventor from Stuttgart have known that his invention would literally change the world? Could Andreas Stihl have seen the long-ranging implications of his innovation? Regardless of how far reaching his vision, Andreas Stihl put the logging, construction, and landscaping industries on fast-forward for decades.

The name brand Stihl brings a dedication to quality that still rings true today – more than eighty years later! When you are in the market for a chainsaw, you are in the market for a Stihl chainsaw because nothing else will do. Through eight decades of steady and consistent growth, the Stihl company has continued to embrace old-world care and an innovative spirit. This is why Stihl sales likewise continue to grow.

Today Stihl manufactures more than two hundred different chainsaw models as well as many other industry related power tools, both gas powered and electric. The logging industry is no longer the sole user of Stihl chainsaws – today their chainsaws are used on farms and in backyards and gardens all across the globe. You are just as likely to see a Stihl chainsaw in your own tool room as you are to see one at the newest construction site.

The Stihl chainsaw is still being refined today. Stihl is always making changes that favorably affect the safety of the user as well as the productivity of the unit. Furthermore, Stihl has made strides to better protect the environment by developing ways to decrease emissions of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.

Once a one hundred and forty pound behemoth, the Stihl chainsaw has been constantly modified throughout the last eighty years. The engines are greatly more efficient and they run cooler, vibration has been reduced, the ignition has been constantly upgraded for ease of starting, the casing is ever changing as it gets smoother and tougher, the safety of every chainsaw has been improved with a dual braking system that allows the inertia of a strong kickback to stop the blade, and the chain catcher was designed to reduce the risk of contact with the chain.

There have also been improvements in chainsaw maintenance. For instance, there is an automatic oiler that keeps the unit lubricated and yet uses less oil, and a chain adjuster that makes it possible to adjust chain tension with just your hands.

There are Stihl chainsaws for every need and usage. Here is a small guide on my favorite chainsaws for three varying needs.The Stihl MS 170 chainsaw is the perfect choice for occasional use around the home. My own mother uses this model and she swears by it. The MS 170 is lightweight at just over eight pounds and compact. It is designed for the storm clean up, firewood, and the cutting of small trees.

The Stihl MS 280 is a chainsaw in the middle of a road – it doesn’t know if it wants to be a professional saw or if it just wants to hang around the house. The MS 280 which replaced the old 028 model features Stihl’s “Intelligent Engine Management” technology. (Wouldn’t young Andreas Stihl be shocked and amazed?) This top of the line mid-range chain saw has more power cuts faster, and yet is still efficient to use. At just under twelve pounds, it is still light enough for the occasional user. This chainsaw can be used around the home as well as on the professional job site.

The MS 880 Stihl Magnum chainsaw is the most powerful professional chainsaw Stihl makes. At twenty-three pounds, this chain saw is not for the casual user. The MS 880 Magnum is built for the big jobs – like bringing down extra large diameter trees. The professional chainsaw for only the very serious tasks!

When it comes to chainsaws, the name Stihl is the industry leader and has been for the last eighty years. Their innovation and quality were born in 1926 when Andreas Stihl invented the chainsaw and changed the world. It is still apparent today as Stihl is THE name in chain saws.

So, if you are looking for a chainsaw, Stihl has over two hundred models for you to choose from. I’m sure we can find just the right tool for you and your needs.

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