Why Shop Online?

The first question many of our visitors ask is this:

“Why should I shop online instead of my local hardware or tool supply store?”

We’re aware of the many concerns associated with online shopping. In fact, until recently, we’ve been hesitant to fully embrace the e-commerce experience ourselves. However, with the continued growth of sites such as Amazon.com and others, as well as our own increased understanding of the benefits, we’ve come to realize that online shopping has many distinct advantages over buying in land-based stores.

Here are a few of our favorite reasons for shopping on the internet:

  • Save Money – Online vendors typically offer products at a reduced price over retail outlets, because the significantly reduced costs of doing business on the Internet are generally passed on to the consumer.
  • Shop Anytime – Online shops are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Compare Prices – You can quickly check the prices of several vendors online. This is more convenient and much faster than walking or driving between stores.
  • Save Time – You can save valuable time. Just getting to a land-based store can take 10-20 minutes or longer. By then, you could have finished your online shopping.
  • Buy Direct – Online shops are offering a complete product line, whereas retail stores only stock a limited number of items.
  • Avoid the Crowd – After working all day, the last thing you want is pushy people.
  • Visit Many Shops at Once – You can shop many places without even getting out of your chair.
  • It is Safe – Online shops now accept most major credit cards and use secure sites which encrypt your card details and safeguard your personal information.

To further the case for online shopping, a recent study conducted for Deloitte & Touche revealed that consumers are experiencing high levels of satisfaction with e-commerce. Here are the findings behind online customers’ growing attraction to buying on the web:

  • Can shop at any time – 71 %
  • Browse without salesperson hassle – 67 %
  • Saves time – 65 %
  • Feel that prices are lower – 55 %
  • Larger selection – 39 %
  • Quick delivery home – 37 %
  • No sales tax – 31 %
  • Don’t like shopping in stores – 22 %

So, you can see that buying on the web has its benefits. And, the old concerns regarding security of personal information, credit card numbers and so forth have been addressed. Consumer confidence is growing rapidly and online vendors are rising to meet the demand. It is our hope that sites such as ours succeed in helping visitors like you to better benefit from and enjoy the online shopping experience.

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